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Image of The Lord My Shepherd Is sampler
SP16 The Lord My Shepherd Is

Isaac Watts is the author of a great many sampler verses taken from his hymns during his lifetime when samplers were a very popular pastime (early to mid 1700's). I hope you enjoy this verse of his as much as I do!

Work the street scenes with one strand of Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread over two threads each way of 28 ct tan/unbleached linen. Work the verse with one thread in the needle and make each petit point stitch over just one thread intersection. Illustrations for petit point stitch are included.

Chart/Instructions Only: $8.50
Chart/Instructions with Thread
(100, 210, 325, 340, 454, 470, 660, 725, 740, 745, 840, 900): $24.70

SP1 The Sampler
That Saved the Kingdom

This unique design includes a Needlework Fairy Tale that is illustrated by the sections of the design. You'll enjoy every stitch! Share the included Fairy Tale with a young friend.

On 28-ct Lambswool Linen, the finished sampler measures 23" x 25". Chart $21.50

Add the thread (100, 240, 280, 454, 525 (3 skeins), 570 (3 skeins), 715, 740: adds $16.20. Total: $38.00

Image of the Fairy Tale Sampler
Image of Four Way Sampler
Four-Way Sampler

Simple cross stitch and vibrant color make this sampler memorable!
SP13 Four-Way Sampler kit, $20.


Complete Kit $20.00
SP9 Dare Sampler

Quite an inspirational sampler! Worked on 28ct tea-dyed linen with rows of hearts in Satin stitch, Long-armed cross stitch, and Queen stitch, all fully illustrated and easy to do. Design is 6-1/8" x 7-1/2" on 28 ct linen.

Chartpak $8.50

With thread
(100, 210, 310, 565, 570):

Image of Dare Sampler
Image of Count It All Joy Sampler
SP8 Count It All Joy

This sampler will brighten your day with it's satin stitch stars and colorful cross stitched borders. Shown worked on 28ct lambswool linen. Illustrated instructions are included for Palestrina Knots and Herringbone, both easy and fun techniques! Chartpak $8.50.
Add the thread (100, 210, 225, 250, 575) for $6.75

SP2 Kind Word Sampler

"Never Underestimate the Power of a Kind Word." Just a touch of Hardanger work makes this sampler a fun project. You'll do well even if new to Hardanger Embroidery.

Complete illustrated insturctions in a chartpak.
Chart/Instructions: $8.50
with Flower Thread
(260, 280, 525, 545, 418):

Image of Kind Word Sampler


Image of the Graduation Sampler

SP10 Graduation Sampler
This is reasonably quick to stitch and easily adapted to your grad's school colors. Worked on 28ct cream linen with alphabets and instructions included.
Fits in a standard 8 x 10 frame.

Chart/Instructions only: $8.50

Add these thread colors
(439, 445, 570, 575, 705, 715):

SP3 Oak Tree

This is a fairly quick project on 18 or 20 ct blue fabric. Just for fun there's a Danish filling stitch that is a fun variation of regular cross stitch around the tree. Complete illustrated instructions.

Chart/Instructions: $7.00

with Flower Thread
(240, 245, 451, 525, 570, 715, 740, 745):

Image of the Oak Tree Sampler
Image of Haunted Sampler SP7 Haunted Sampler

There's a ghost story included with this sampler design. You have a choice of several different verses. "It was a dark and stormy night..." begins the story of a ghostly stitcher. Read it to your stitching friends at a special slumber party!
Chartpak and Story: $18.00

with Flower Thread
(208, 280, 250, 454, 565, 570, 575, 715, 730): $30.15

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