Page Title: New Releases for Flower Thread and Linen
CT20 Busy Bees Sewing Accessories
Image of Busy Bees Sewing Accessories

Chart/Instructions: $7.50
Chart/Instructions with Thread
(340,320,412, 735, 900): $14.25

Pin-keep, Biscornu, Needlecase. All three are double-sided with Bee and Honeycomb motifs. It is worth it to buy a wheel of pearl head pins just to get nine gold ones to give the pin-keep proper razzle-dazzle! Techniques include Chain Stitch Joining and Nun's Stitch Edge. I used 28 ct unbleached linen and enjoyed every stitch! The top photo shows one side of each accessory, the bottom photo shows the other side, and the needlcase is shown open. You can see I made mine in 2015; I'll include a chart for 2020 to be stitched on the needlecase. You get to add your initials however you like where mine says "Meg." I loved every stitch and hope you will too!
Pin-Keep: 2.25" square
Biscornu (oddly-shaped pincushion): 2.25" round
Needlecase: 2.75" closed
The Lord My Shepherd Is

Isaac Watts is the author of a great many sampler verses taken from his hymns during his lifetime when samplers were a very popular pastime (early to mid 1700's). I hope you enjoy this verse of his as much as I do!

Work the street scenes with one strand of Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread over two threads each way of 28 ct tan/unbleached linen. Work the verse with one thread in the needle and make each petit point stitch over just one thread intersection. Illustrations for petit point stitch are included.

Chart/Instructions Only: $8.50
Chart/Instructions with Thread
(100, 210, 325, 340, 454, 470, 660, 725, 740, 745, 840, 900): $24.70

Image of The Lord My Shepherd Is sampler


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