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HE2 and HE6 Needlecase and Pincushion
Needlecase and Pincushion image

These two companion designs are the perfect intro to Hardanger Embroidery. Complete illustrated instructions make it easy! Both are a little over 3-1/2” square.

Charts/Instructions: $17.00 (HE2/6)
Charts Plus Thread:$22.50 (HE2/6T)
Complete Kit: $28.00 (HE2/6K)

HE24 ScissorFOB/Case

I wanted a new and different kind of scissors case, so I made one that is also a fob! When the scissors come out, the case remains attached by a long ribbon. When stitching is done for the day, put the scissors back in the case and wind the ribbon around the button to keep them in place. The Lacy Buttonhole Edge is a piece of cake--really! It doesn't look it, but it is one of the easiest Hardanger techniques. Worked on 20ct linen so it's easy on the eyes and quick to do. Complete illustrated instructions.

Chart/Instructions: $10.00
With thread (100, 280, 250, 418, 451): $16.75
Complet Kit (except scissors): $23.00

Image of sissors fob case
Image of hardanger pouch

HE23 Sampler Pouch

Worked on 20 ct linen with an extended Lacy Buttonhole Edge, this project will provide an elegant 6" diameter pouch for your sewing tools. A clear plastic dish inside protects the stitching. Fully illustrated instructions are included as well as a practice piece that can be added as a useful organizer inside the pouch.

Chart/Instructions Only: $20.00

Chart with thread (100 (4 skeins), 250, 280, 418, 525, 545, 575) $33.50

HE25 Hardanger Fillings Table Accent

Worked on 20 ct linen, this table accent measures 12" square when completed. There are three practice pieces included in the illustrated instructions so you will make three ornaments as you learn the three fillings.

Chart/Instructions only: $20.00

Complete Kit $40.00

image of Hardanger Fillings
image of Medallion image
HE32 Medallion Runner

Blue floral tiles offest by Queen Anne's Lace webs are worked on 20 ct linen and finished with a wide flat hem. The finished runner can be adjusted in length but worked without repeats measures about 24" x 12". A practice piece lets you master the Queen Anne's Lace web on a small coaster (5x5").

Chart/Instructions Only: $21.00

With Thread: (100, 565. 570, 575, 418, plus Captian's Thread for the hemstitch) $35.85

Complete Kit: $60

HE34 Blueberry Basket

Worked on 20 ct linen, this collection is easily adapted to larger or smaller baskets (instructions included). The needle case has two felt pages inside, the scissors case is also a scissors fob, remaining attached to the scissors while they are in use, the pincushion ties to the basket as does the edging. Complete illustrated instructions are included.

Chart/Instructions only: $8.50

With Thread:
(100, 418, 525, 545, 575): $16.95

Complete Kit: $28.00
(All materials except basket)

image of Blueberry Basket

image of hardanger hatbrim
Chart/Instructions 7.00
Chart with Thread 8.25
HE28 Hardanger Hatbrim

Not your Grandmother’s Hardanger!!! Any standard hat brim will work with this pattern. Small enough to be quick to stitch, intricate enough for a bit of a challenge. You can substitute your favorite webs or use the ones included in the complete, illustrated instructions. A truly updated rendition of an historic ethnic embroidery technique!

Requires 20 ct linen and GTFT #100

HE28 Hardanger Hatbrim

HE20 Rose Bookmark

Such an elegant gift and easy to do even if you are new to Hardanger Embroidery. This model is stitched on 28 ct. blue linen, but many linens will produce stunning results. First you stitch the rose and then add Modified Klosters, Buttonhole Edge and Eyelets around it. Trim the excess fabric around the outside away and treasure it always or give to a treasured friend. Instructions are fully illustrated.

Chart/Instructions only: $7.00
With thread (208, 280, 250, 439, 442): $13.75


Rose bookmark image
HE3 Ivy Tablerunner

This is the perfect project for perfecting your technique! Great for beginners! Worked on 20ct linen, you'll master Klosters, Cutting, Woven Bars, Dove's Eyes and even Picots! Sure to become a treasured heirloom, it will only grow more beautiful with time and use. Approximately 13" x 27" when finished. Complete illustrated intructions make it easy.

Chart/Instructions: $14.00
With thread . . .
(3 skeins of 448, 5 skeins of 454): $24.80


HE30 Arabian Nights Table Accent
Easy cross stitch in the center is surrounded by Dove’s Eye and Woven Bars Filling, and finished with Buttonhole Edge. Complete illustrated instructions are included. Finished size on 20ct is 11” square.
Chart/Instructions only: $15.00
Chart/Instructions with Thread: $20.00

Image of Arabian Nights Table Accent
HE21 Magnolia
Image of Magnolia table accent

This piece is worked on 20ct cream Charles Craft linen. There is a minimum amount of stitching for the maximum effect! The Dove's Eye filling is worked on bars that have not been woven or wrapped for a delicate, lacy result. You'll love this technique! Complete illustrated instructions included. Finished size on 20ct is 10 inches square.

Chart/Instructions only: $8.50

Chart/Instructions with thread . . .
(2 skeins of 100, 1 skein each of 305, 421, 445, 700, 705, 720): $19.30

Complete Kit: $36.00

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