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image of In Love with Maine bellpull
GT20 In Love With Maine

It has been quite a while since we've seen a new design from Ginnie Thompson! This is just perfect for that little space between the window and the door and will make you think of quiet, peaceful neighborhoods wherever you are. It is worked on 28ct light blue linen and measures just 7" long. Individually, the different elements of this design would make darling pins, or tiny framed pieces for a dollhouse.

Instructions are included for making a bellpull (hardware available from Nordic Needle).

Chart/Instructions: $6.50

With thread (150, 220, 245, 325, 412, 433, 451, 510, 635, 640, 700, 715, 725, 805, 830): $26.75

GT19 Stripes
image of Stripes, a cat laying down in gray
image of a cat laying down in gold

Ginnie designed this cat quite some time ago, but we are pleased to re-publish it in Flower Thread and with a new color version! Colors are provided for either a gold or gray cat and numbers are listed for Anchor and DMC threads too. Of course, you'll want the softness and matte finish of Flower Thread for the best results, not to mention the ease and beauty of the single strand. This fellow is a lot of fun to stitch; you'll make more than one!

Chart/Instructions: $7.50
With thread for Grey Cat (810, 830, 730, 430, 900): $14.25
With thread for Gold Cat (740, 745, 215, 330, 725): $14.25

Add thread for GREY cat:
Add thread for GOLD cat:
GT17 Zinnias

This has long been a favorite Ginnie Thompson design. I remember she was especially pleased to portray the back side of a flower! Stitching this will soothe your spring fever while you wait for your garden to bloom.

Chart/Instructions: $7.00

DMC and Anchor numbers are listed or add the Flower Thread to your order (296, 340, 345, 355, 370, 412, 725, 900): $17.80 more.

image of the Zinnias bellpull
image of Wine and Cheese design
GT10 Wine & Cheese

These colors glow with warmth and hospitality. Put it in a wooden tray for your next social gathering, or a stunning hostess gift.

Chartpak $7
With one skein each of Flower Thread (150, 100, 800, 830, 433, 445, 451, 745, 740, 250, 275, 296, 325, 735, 310, 208, 290, 555, 635, 900, 565, 805, 470, 454, 439, 715, 260): $43.45

GT8 Necessaire
    It holds everything necessary for stitching! This elegant project from Ginnie Thompson herself with be a treasured heirloom to pass to future generations of stitchers. The fabric is 28 ct and the techniques include Herringbone, Pins, Algerian Eyelet, Cobblestone and Petit Point. If you love Pulled Work, you'll love this project or if you have always wanted to learn Pulled Work, these illustrated instructions will take good care of you.
Chart/Instructions only: $10.50
With thread (325, 448, 630, 635): $15.90

image of violet necessaire closed
   When completed, this project folds like a soft book. Open it to find a needlecase, thimble pocket and scissors strap. Everything in its place! Braided floss cords hold it closed when tied in bow. image of violet necessaire open
image of the Ginnie Thompson design Legs
GT11 Legs

Designed by Ginnie Thompson back when her oldest grandson was just a little fellow, very much like the one shown. It's the perfect project for your summer vacation!

Chartpak $7.00
With thread (150, 205, 210, 220, 285, 255, 296, 330, 355, 424, 430, 510, 535, 725, 750): $27.25


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