CC6 Lacy Edge Heart, Chart $7
To see the Lacy Edge is to want to learn it, and what better project than a small ornament? Easy, illustrated instructions will help you every step of the way to master this surprisingly simple technique. Inside the heart, you’ll love the process of Griffin stitch, adding one simple stitch to another to achieve the very festive results. You’ll need 18 or 20 ct linen, gold metallic floss and Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread 463 and 296. CC6 Lacy Edge Heart, Chart $7.00.
Here’s a Christmas ornament to start your gift list with a smile. On 18 or 20 ct. linen, this little fellow is quick to stitch. He has three sides, all the same sweet face, and he’s finished with chain stitch joining. Complete illustrated instructions are included. A brass bell (included with the chart), a pinch of polyfil and a bit of gold metallic floss for the hanger is all it takes to make you say “ho, ho, ho!” Check your stash for these Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread colors: 100, 250, 730, 900.
CC5 Chubby Cheeks,
Chart $7
Chart with Thread $12.40 Complete Kit
D4 Bear Angel. She's as fun to make as you might think! Your complete kit comes with a finished three-inch bear, 20 ct linen, Flower Thread, ribbon, bell, gold cord, gold floss and complete illustrated instructions. All you do is work Buttonhole stitches in the wing shape and fill with Satin stitches and gold floss backstitch. Easy! Trim it out, add the bear with her little bell, and you'll have a treasured keepsake for years to come.
Complete kit, $20.00

is a Christmas project to make anyone smile. It says "Just send the five gold rings and cancel the rest of my true love's order." Worked on 28ct tea dyed or lamb's wool linen, it's light and small enough for a tree ornament.

Chartpak $7.00 Add thread (445, 370, 436, 700) for $5.40
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Jolly Old St. Nick is a three-sided soft ornament stitched with Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread on 28-ct linen. He is completed with chain stitch joining. Complete illustrated instructions are included.

Chartpak is $7.00
Add thread for $6.75 (250, 740, 340, 900, 100)
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This Advent Sampler Chartpak includes a Needleworker's Christmas fable called "The Work of Her Hands" about Rachel, the innkeeper's wife. One night she has a dream in which an angel tells her to begin a needlework project. Much later, after the stitching is finished, the inn fills with people coming to Bethlehem for the census mandated by Augustus. Her husband mentions in passing as they see to the needs of their guests that there is a couple in the stable and that the wife seems ready to give birth....

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and Fable Story Book for $9.00.
Add the Flower Thread for $20.25
(150, 208, 215, 250, 280, 310, 340, 454, 530, 535, 570, 575, 725, 745, 900)
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