He's cute! He's sweet! He's quick to stitch!
The color picture, chart and
complete illustrated instructions
are yours for only $2.75
including postage.

CC8 Paper Bird Ornament
A quick project worked on 14 ct perforated paper.
Chart $7      Kit $10
Q6 How to Draw a Cat
This is a tribute to my mother who taught me in just this way. Little French Knot "toe beans" will have you smiling as you stitch the border. On 20ct linen, this is easy on the eyes.
Chart $7       Kit $14

CT18 Jonah and the Whale Quiet Toy
Wouldn't you love to meet such a sweet whale? Jonah has a front and a back. He slips inside the boat "pocket" that has his one-way ticket to Tarshish on the back. The boat pocket can be swallowed entirely by the whale. That's not how it goes in the Bible, but it is much easier to carry it to church that way. A very special toy! It is stitched on 20 ct, easy to see, and uses Chain stitch joining and Nun's stitch to finish the three pieces. The whale is 7" long.
Chart $9        Kit $36
Q8 Dress Code
"No Beak, No Feathers, No Service"
If only squirrels would read and heed!
The chart tells you the exact button I used, but you might already have a suitable chick in your stash. Seed Bead seeds were the most fun part of the stitching!
Chart $7
Kit $15 (thread and chart only, no fabric or button)

Q5 Free Kittens
I never tire of stitching these little guys and it takes just a minute to add their perf paper box. The best gift ever and so much fun! They are finished with Chain Stitch Joining, one of my very favorite techniques, and highly addictive!
Chart $7
Kit $12.50 (includes 28 ct linen)
Q19 Butterfly Pin
This little beauty is stitched on 14 ct perforated paper. Trim close to the stitches, glue a pin to his tummy and gently fold his wings upward. He is at home on your shoulder or your curtain, your stitching chair, you name it!
Kit $7

GT19 Stripes
by Ginnie Thompson! This quick kitty can be worked in gold or grey and he is every bit as much fun to stitch as you think!
Chart $7.50
Flower Thread $14.25 (choose Gold or Grey)
Add thread for Grey cat:
Add thread for GOLD cat:

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